3 layers film for sachet packs

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3-layers film for sachet packs

Coverpan offers a 3-layers film with materials such as polyester, polyamide, paper, aluminium and polyethylene. These materials have excellent barrier properties and a great performance during the packaging process.

These films can be printed up to 8 colors.

The most common use of these 3 layer films are for the production of “sachet” packs for powder, granules or liquids in pharmaceutical industry.

USE: Fort he Packaging of single doses of gel, cream, liquids, capsules, etc.

MARKETS: Cosmetics, medicines, vitamins, pharmacy, nutrients, hygene, etc.

FORMATS:  Reels to be used on flow-pack or vertical packing machines. The most usual format is “sachet” but also can be used for single use blisters.


  • Easy identification of the product, making it more attractive to the customer.
  • Sliding materials that facilitate the emptying of the content
  • Higher barrier to light than other format like PET bottles or glass.
  • More economic
  • Hermetic closure (not permeable).
  • Savings in logistics costs (lower weight and volume).
  • Lower environmental impact

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