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COVERPAN is a company dedicated to the production of high quality flexible packaging for the food industry. Our mission is to help companies to identify the appropriate packaging for their products and supply them.

We offer high quality sustainable packaging tailored to the needs of our customers, with the goal of improving the presentation and preservation of their products. We understand packaging as an integral part of the product, not only because it protects and maintains its quality but also because it provides the first image of the product to the customer. We know that packaging is crucial for the success of any product and we work with our customers to find the best packaging solution for their needs.


COVERPAN has been producing high quality packaging materials with a very unique presentation for more than 20 years. From its inception, our company has strived for the differentiation of our packaging and the image of our customers’ products. We offer natural packaging without sacrificing the latest technological advances.

We want to continue our leadership position in the Spanish market as well as in international ones providing high quality packaging and solutions for our customers’ needs, developing new products and following the latest trends in the market in order to meet our customers’ demands.


We seek excellence in our daily work to be able to give the best service to our customers. Our entire production, administration and commercial teams are committed to the highest quality service towards our customers and their products.

We believe it is possible to improve every day. We are a creative company and always look for the best solutions for our customers. We are curious, we like new challenges, we engage with daring proposals and innovative experiments. In sum, we are flexible to adapt to our customers and their needs.

See here our Quality and Food Safety Policy


Coverpan was established in 1993 in Seville, Spain as a paper packaging company for food products. We started with a small factory with a single production line and one unique product. Over the last 20 years, we have come to offer a full range of flexible packaging options that include the latest developments in the food packaging industry.

Our main product, which differentiates us from other packaging companies, is the paper reel with transparent window for bread packaging sold in super stores, supermarkets and self-service shops. It has had great success in the food packing industry. These reels are used for packing in horizontal automatic machines and the product is patented (M.U.940284/1). Apart from our signature product, we offer other materials of excellent quality for food packaging. You can see them in our Products section.

Since our beginnings, the company has maintained a constant growth, due to its dynamism in developing new packaging products and its ability to adapt to the needs of our customers. At the same time, we are committed to differentiated and ecological products that will help our customers to increase their sales.

Our company has an export department that works directly with our international customers. We have distributors and agents in many countries and our export team is prepared to answer any questions from customers interested in our products from anywhere in the world.
We invite you to get to know our products through our website. Please contact us for further information about them. Our personnel will assist you immediately. You will find our contact details in the “Contact us section“.



Our products have been consistently present in different countries for many years. We would like to thank our international customers, since they constitute an important value for our company. We always welcome their suggestions about new products to develop.

We work with companies throughout the world on a regular basis. Please contact our International Department for any enquiry you may have.


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