In Coverpan, we are committed to Research, Development and Innovation. We offer highly specialized products adapted to the needs of our customers and their markets.




Technological innovation in the packaging sector has rapidly developed in recent years. Knowing new possibilities for existing materials and new developments and advances in research on raw materials allow us be at the forefront of the industry. We offer our customers unique, different and high value-added products.

With outcomes resulting from our research and new knowledge of the food-packaging sector, we produce new materials and implement new processes in existing products. Our technicians are always open to study and develop solutions to the needs raised by our clients, giving them alternatives to find the ideal material for each of their products.


sostenibilidadThere is new research looking for new materials that are more sustainable and better for the environment. Some of the advances in this field have already been implemented in our company and they represent a significant improvement in the renewal of raw materials and in production processes. Our products are made of recyclable or compostable materials.

Our company has been committed to sustainability since its inception. We use natural materials, like paper , which is the base element of our packaging selections. Together with paper, we have developed a wide range of materials 100% biodegradable and compostable. You will find more information about them in our Products Section


diseño de bolsasOur team will help you create the best design for the packing of your product. The design department is always attentive to the latest trends in the sector, both in materials and finishes, offering multiple colors and designs. We will create and adapt your design to be printed on flexible material. We have the latest technologies for creating, editing and assembling images, so we can adapt to any of your needs.

We offer a service of image enhancement for our customers and provide a virtual presentation of the customized finished product.


Our manufacture has different processes that determine the quality of the final product. Our team will advise and inform you about the different necessary aspects to take into account in order to obtain a high quality product.

corte y perforacion


We will advise you about the best material for your product. Our laminating line allows us to build complex films of different materials, like BOPP, PE, PET, EVOH, OPA, PVC, metallized and compostable materials. We also offer different grades of resistance, barrier permeability and sealing.


We have several flexographic printing lines equipped with safety devices and quality control systems for printing food films.


After completing the printing or lamination process, our materials are cut to the required size in our assembly lines. We offer the possibility of MICRO or MACRO-PERFORATION of the material in different diameters and sequences.


For each order, we check the colors to verify that the required tones are correct. Our control system allows us to reduce manufacturing times as well as the amount of waste.

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