Neuropackaging to wake your emotions up

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Neuromarketing analyze how the cutomers react before the product, before the brands or before the publicity communication.

This is not about any magic trick, simply It is about Neuroscience applied to marketing and to the publicity communication. The Neuromarketing listen to what the subconcious has to say about what It is showned.  The possibilities of measuring the response and to direct the message are really wide and they don’t limit to none of the branches of the communication.

The Neuromarketing even allows to be used on the packaging pattern to get better the effectiveness of the product’s presentacion. In the case of what you have to sell It would be more complicated, so to speak, at the time to arrive and conquer the public, knowing what the cutomer really wants, We think It could be the key.

Changes in presentacion.

In the supermarket linear, the brands only have 2 or 3 seconds to attract the customer, who, in this first glance, only will get to stay with a maximum of 4 packaging elements. the signatures have to hit what and how they present his product, with the objetive of what it transmits the largest number of sensations in the shortest time to get  the consumers choose to buy our packaging. The neuroscience can be a good ally to get It. The brands have to take care about the sensations that want to transmit trough the packaging pattern, the material that has been used and the finishes.

In Coverpan We are specialists to offer the best and the most striking packaging solutions, at the same time that We keep our compromise with the environment following the same line that when We have started 25 years ago with our  Eco-Friendly packaging.

Ask us, We will advise you without compromises.

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