The Union will prohibit the disposable plastic 2021.

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The articles of disposable plastic like straws, dishes, cutlery, plastic sticks for baloons, expanded polystyrene glasses, and cotton swabs will be prohibited in the european union in the 2021.

We are polluting the planet with a pace that it will be really hard to recover and for this It will be necessary take actions to reduce the damage. The 80% of the marin garbage are plastics. One of the biggest problem of plastic is the difficulty of his decomposicion. When It arrives to the nature this is decomposted in micropartles that they are integrated in the food chain (the animals eat it and the plastics arrive to our dishes).

It is estimated that the plastic contamination has a cost from 22.000 millions of euros to 2030.

Maybe the most ambitious challenge for the 2029 will be to collect the 90% of the plastic bottles, these should contain at least the 25% of the recicled material for the year 2025 and th 30% for the 2030.

It will be compulsory, likewise, Label packaging with its environmental impact. We will be conscious of the plastic contening plastics like the butts, the plastic glasses or the wet wipes that they create a lot of problems in the process of the water treatment.

the reducion of plastic is important but We should not forget what we can contribute our bit not only recycling but withdrawing plastics that we find in our way. Fortunately It has become fashionable the Trash Challenge. this movement que It has become viral thanks to the internet. It consist in cleaning public area that are dirty (beaches, parks, forests) with rubbish and upload the pictures of the before and of the after.

Since Coverpan We are committed with the environment and offering biodegradable packaging in our website, one of the product that are having a great reception are the biodegradable films.

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