Quality and Food Safety Policy

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In the development of its mission and vision, COVERPAN, S.L. establishes as an important orientation of its strategy to share with all the groups of interest of the Organization its main guidelines:
• Ensure customer satisfaction through continuous compliance of their needs and expectations.
• Provide safe products according to the applicable quality and food safety specifications.
• Engaging on a continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.
In this sense, COVERPAN, S.L. defines and applies the Quality and Food Safety Policy, based on the following commitments:

• Transformation of Quality and Food Safety into the key elements of the Organization’s culture;
• Ensure strict compliance with legal requirements and other requirements that the company subscribes at the level of quality and food safety;
• Providing customers with products and service promoting quality, innovation and differentiation;
• Maintaining and developing relationships of commitment and trust with suppliers;
• Adopt the best practices and technologies available;
• Make rational use of resources (raw materials and materials, fuel, energy, water) and ensure their proper disposal;
• Promote a team work environment, supported by their high professionalism, spirit of innovation and commitment to offer customers high quality services and products;
• Provide adequate training to employees, so that they develop skills and capacities to carry out effectively and responsibly their activities and good manufacturing and hygiene practices;
• Promote knowledge of new practices, as well as improving the profitability of products and production processes;
• Promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management and Food Safety System;
• Ensure that the fundamental principles of this policy are communicated to all employees and make them available when necessary to all interested groups (customers, suppliers, civil servants, society in general), the promotion of adequate internal and external communication with the agents of the food chain
To achieve the commitments established in COVERPAN, S.L., objectives and goals are established annually.

The Management of COVERPAN, S.L., as well as all its employees, clearly identify with the commitments established in this policy and commit themselves to act with a focus on achieving it.

The Direction of COVERPAN, S.L.

Sevilla, January 18th, 2018.

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