The importance of good packaging

The packaging is an integral part of any item because it presents the product, protects it, retains its qualities and is the first image that a customer perceives in the linear. The secret of a good package PackInGreen® not only depends on its appearance, factors such as conservation or the materials used in its manufacture play a determining role in its choice.



We are manufacturers and one of our premises is the ability to adapt. For this we have a wide variety of formats, colors, sizes and finishes, customizable with flexographic HD printing up to 8 inks.


The combination of natural paper with compostable films is an EcoFriendly solution that reinforces the sustainable brand image. It is also a multisensory plus, thanks to the touch of the paper that reminds us of

Home made, artisan or ecological products. Creating a Packaging that evokes nature is a great idea and a trend today.


Each food requires a specific type of conservation and thanks to different combinations we can get a high barrier to oxygen or water vapor; or on the contrary get a high breathability.


We strongly recommend to store in its original packaging in low humidity environments and at temperatures between 17ºC and 25ºC. When the temperature of the storage place is lower than that of the place of use, it is recommended to condition the film for at least 24 hours at the place where it will be used. Avoid during the handling of the coils maneuvers or blows that may damage or deteriorate the material and/or mandrel. The use of the material is recommended not later than 12 months after receipt.


Our Innovation Department is constantly developing EcoDesigns committed to Europe 2030 but until then, we make available to customers who request it a wide offer of conventional products.