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Birth of the New European Reuse Alliance (New ERA)

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and the circular economy, an important step forward has been taken. The New European Reuse Alliance, also known as New ERA, has been born.

New ERA is an unprecedented initiative that brings together governments, businesses, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders. All of them aiming to promote and facilitate the reuse of products in Europe. The alliance is focused on driving the transition to a circular economy model, where products and resources are used efficiently and waste generation is minimised.

The creation of New ERA is a response to current challenges in terms of wasteful consumption, waste of resources and environmental problems. The reuse of products is recognised as a key strategy to reduce the demand for raw materials, reduce waste production and limit environmental impact.

Basic pillars of the NEW ERA

  1. Collaboration and cooperation: New ERA encourages collaboration between different actors, including governments, businesses, non-profit organisations and consumers. It seeks to create synergies and share knowledge and best practices to boost reuse in Europe. This collaboration also encompasses the creation of public-private partnerships and the exchange of information on policies and regulations related to reuse.

  2. Boosting innovation: This partnership aims to stimulate innovation in the field of re-use. Research and development of technologies and processes that facilitate the reuse of products will be promoted, as well as the creation of new business models focused on reuse. Innovation also extends to education and awareness raising, with the aim of changing consumer attitudes and behaviour towards re-use.

  3. Policy and regulatory framework: New ERA will work together with European governments to develop reuse-friendly policies and regulations. It will seek to establish common standards, remove legal barriers and promote incentives to encourage the adoption of reuse practices. In addition, it will support the implementation of sustainable public procurement programmes that promote the purchase of reusable products.

Coverpan with the European Alliance for Reuse

The birth of New ERA represents a significant milestone on the road to a circular and sustainable economy in Europe. The alliance provides a platform for collaboration and joint action, which will enable reuse-related challenges to be addressed more effectively. As more actors join this initiative, it is expected to create a growing momentum towards a society where reuse is the norm rather than the exception.

The New European Reuse Alliance (New ERA) has the potential to transform the way we consume and manage resources in Europe. Coverpan, with more than 30 years of providing sustainable solutions, is part of this European alliance. By focusing on collaboration, innovation and the creation of supportive policies, the foundations are being laid for a more circular economy, where the reuse of products is a central element. Now is the time to act and seize this opportunity to build a more sustainable and resilient future for all.