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Paper bag types

Nowadays, there is a wide catalog of packaging and bag types. We can find plastic bags, cloth bags or paper bags, in the same way as cardboard, paper or plastic containers. However, in this post, we want to explain to you what types of bags exist on the market and what are the advantages of each one.

Flat paper bags

As experts in food packaging, we are going to start with paper bags for food, especially for bakeries. On our website you will find the entire catalog of paper bags:
● Panoramic paper bag or window bag, perfect for self-service and supermarkets.
● Biodegradable window paper bag. This type of bag has been designed for organic products.
● Paper bag without window. These are the typical bakery bags.
● Baking paper bag. Ideal for food that needs to be heated or must be kept warm.

Handle Paper bags 

They are the cheapest on the market and however, they are quite more resistant than those with the twisted handle. This type of bags are widely used in fairs and shops with medium-low prices. They are the cheapest option to replace plastic bags and to comply with regulations that punish the use of plastic.
Paper bags are reusable and low cost, as well as they are resistant and sustainable. This type of bag is recommended for businesses of all kinds that want to convey an eco-friendly image.
Of course, it is worth mentioning that most of the paper bags can be customized to ensure the recognition of our brand among our customers. 

At Coverpan we are manufacturers and we have a range of standard sizes with generic printing for bakeries and pharmacies. But we can also offer customized paper bags. Please, contact us if you want technical advice to customize your packaging.