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Coverpan will be launching its new products at Intersicop


One more year we will be present at the next edition of Intersicop, which will be held in Madrid from February 19th to 22nd , 2022.
The company will launch several of its latest developments, starting with the range of compostable paper bags and biodegradable multilayers made with compostable adhesives and inks.

Another release will be our ‘PackInGreen®’ seal, a symbol designed for compostable packaging that is disposed of directly in the brown container for organic waste without separating its layers, facilitating a circular economy.

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The great reunion for professionals in the sector

InterSICOP brings together, on an exceptional basis, and in a new tele-face-to-face format, the entire professional community specialized in bakery, pastry, ice cream industry and TecSICOP (Machinery, Equipment and Technology) from the Ibero-American sphere, which will link with the face-to-face celebration in February 2022.

Live Connect, the new technological platform

InterSICOP LIVEConnect was created with the goal of boosting the visibility of the sector, increasing its commercial activity and creating an ecosystem of knowledge, education, training and interaction among professionals.

An innovative digital platform equipped with a new artificial intelligence system that allows networking spaces to promote contacts related to supply, demand and a source of content of sectorial interest.

Passes and tickets

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