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Current packaging trends 2022

The packaging sector is a universe in constant evolution, where an infinite number of possibilities, ideas and techniques abound. The world of packaging design lives from trends and, as it satisfies the needs and desires of consumers, it is a reflection of society. From here we want to highlight the current and future trends in the world of packaging.

With increasing concern about climate change and its drastic consequences, there has been a great interest and need for sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly packaging.

It is particularly in the food sector that we see the influence of sustainability in packaging. To meet the global imperative of reducing the use and disposal of plastics, it has become an environmental urgency to have packaging made from new sustainable materials. The main goal is that over the next decade, these materials will completely replace traditional plastics.

Packaging trends 2022: The green revolution is already here

It is the trend we are seeing again and again in the analyses of the last few years. Sustainable packaging has been present in recent years. Agenda 2030 is a challenge that the packaging sector has highlighted on its agenda. By that year, the European Union has the intention of achieving 100% recycling of packaging. Sustainability is not just a trend in packaging, it is a need. And for this to happen, a change in mindset and strategy is essential, with a commitment to new 100% recycled and recyclable materials that will make it possible.

Many industries are experimenting with packaging that can be reused by a new customer after use. This is the idea of the so-called circular economy, allowing the creation of product and packaging reuse cycles.

Fashions are cyclical and next year minimalism is back, a design principle that also fits perfectly with the reduction of materials needed in the quest for sustainability. Thus, the trend is to create packaging with just what is required, optimizing processes, materials, content and logistics.

Custom Packaging

Every person (and every company) is different and has its own needs. That’s why competition is increasing and yet there is room for everyone. The key is in differentiation. An increasingly personalised product to differentiate oneself from the rest.

The goal is to reach every customer. Various formats such as single-dose packs or flexible packaging. Flexibility is essential to adapt to changes and there is no better way to do this than with flexible packaging, which helps handling both at origin and destination. Flexible packaging makes operations such as transport and storage easier.