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Personalised packaging for baby food

Packaging is not only a means to protect and contain products, it is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the youngest consumers. Often many producers do not take into account the importance of packaging in their product, when in fact it is one of the most important elements in the consumer’s final decision.
Packaging plays a fundamental role in the purchasing decision, especially when it comes to products aimed at children. This is where the “Pester Power” strategy comes into play, which is the influence that children have over their parents in the choice of a product. Packaging that is attractive to children can have a positive impact on the consumption of products, increasing their demand. In this article we will analyze the causes of the strong impact of children’s packaging on product consumption.

At Coverpan we care about the success of our customers, so we help you to design your packaging and make it more attractive to the consumer.

Why customize packaging with children's motifs?

From an early age, children are visual beings. Their world is full of colors, shapes and characters that capture their imagination. It is in this context that packaging emerges as a powerful tool. Bright colors and attractive designs not only attract the attention of young consumers, but also create an emotional connection with the product. According to an analysis conducted by Food Active and the Children’s Food Campaign, the inclusion of eye-catching visual elements, such as names and cartoon characters on food packaging, influences children’s food preferences.
In view of this, Coverpan adapts to design trends and offers the option of customizing our bags and reels with sustainable high-definition flexographic printing, and even making possible four-color process printing, adding value to the packaging itself to stand out and attract the target customer on the stands.

The Pester Power strategy

Interactive designs, creative openings and surprise elements not only generate excitement in children, but also make the experience of unpacking a product unforgettable. This emotional connection can translate into positive word-of-mouth as children share their experiences with friends and family, which is called the power of the “Pester Power” concept.

The importance of highlighting good values

As analyzed, changes in product designs have a great impact on new generations, which is why there must be a conscious and responsible marketing aimed at the youngest, since it is not only sales that count. Above all, betting on health and the environment, as well reflected in Coverpan’s values, are indispensable aspects. Innovation in design should not only focus on visuals, but also on addressing contemporary concerns, thus creating a product that resonates on multiple levels.

The organization, Action on Sugar, positively recognizes the promotion of healthy products in the children’s market. As reported by Lidl GB in Bakery & Snacks, a supermarket highlighted by Action on Sugar, sales of its fruit range have increased by more than a third since 2017 due to changes in packaging design. The supermarket is motivating retailers to follow suit, as it believes these small changes have big results.

Our Packingreen sustainable packaging brings that green and natural look and feel that products should promote. Not only do they win the approval of parents, but they also convey a valuable message to children about environmental responsibility.