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Snacks and nuts packaging

Companies, among which we find ourselves and thanks to the laws passed in recent years, we find a favorable legal framework to bet on innovation. We also have the facility to introduce the necessary changes in the production processes that make it easier for us to be in favor of sustainability. The snack and nut packaging sector is a case in point.

Nuts and dried fruits are very sensitive to moisture and oxygen, and require packaging with different barriers. At Coverpan, we offer respectful and resistant solutions that can be combined with transparent, metallized, matte or paper finish to achieve a Premium and environmentally friendly packaging.

Packaging for snacks and nuts in doy pack and kraft bags

Doy Pack bags

An example of innovation in paper packaging for nuts can be found in doy pack bags. As we have already talked about in previous occasions from Coverpan, it is a flexible packaging system that can stand upright on its bottom during storage or use.

The doypack bags are an ideal solution for packaging a wide variety of solid or powdered products. The properties of this bag allow a good preservation of the product thanks to the barrier characteristics of the compostable materials used inside the package.

These pouches are ready to be placed directly on the shelves of retail outlets. Thanks to the shape of this packaging, the products are fully organized and well arranged on the shelves of the stores, in addition to improving their visibility to consumers thanks to their vertical position.

In addition, they are light and easy to transport, favoring distribution and storage.
The doy pack bags are easy to open from the top. Optionally, an easy-opener or compostable zipper can be incorporated to open and close the bag once opened.

Snack packaging in Kraft paper bags

Kraft bags are the other major protagonists among the types of packaging currently used for nuts. They are highly resistant bags with an increasing presence in stores and in our daily life.

They are produced with top quality paper from renewable sources, made with virgin cellulose, they biodegrade over time and under optimal composting conditions they become compost.

Kraft paper bags combine the traditional image of paper with an ethical approach that fights against the abuse of plastic. It is the most economically sustainable option.

One of the main advantages of these bags is their resistance, which makes it easy to reuse them. In addition to this, as they are made of cellulose, they are recyclable as long as consumers deposit them in the blue container.

Paper reels for machine packing

In Coverpan, apart from doy pack and kraft paper bags which are suitable for manual packaging, we have paper reels in case it is necessary to use machine packaging in your company.

We have three types:

PAPER REELS WITH CVBIO INTERIOR LAMINATION: They have a coating on the entire inner surface of biodegradable and compostable film for the packaging of a wide range of products in flowpack machine or vertical machine.

PAPER REELS WITH INTERIOR LAMINATION CVBIOMAP HIGH BARRIER: Manufactured with paper on the outside and an inner coating of biodegradable and compostable high barrier film for food products that are packaged with gas or controlled atmosphere.

BIOMAP BARRIER FILMS: Multilayer film made of bioplastics with barrier suitable for gas flushing in automatic machines.

Add value to your packaged nuts thanks to Coverpan.