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Coverpan launches its new PackInGreen® image

To guarantee the authenticity of our packaging, we have developed our label “Sustainable Packaging”. A compostable range of packaging that distinguishes companies who are committed with the planet and have ventured with our compostable packaging PackInGreen®.

The new Coverpan’s label is registered under the PackInGreen® brand, and was designed collaboratively with Sinergia Marketing Company.

This range of product is available to anyone who wants to give added value to their products and responds to our customer’s demand to create a distinction in their packaging.

We are committed to help with the transition to a circular economy and contribute with the European Green Agreement goals and the perseveration of the resources.

PackInGreen®, our commitment with compostable packaging

PackInGreen®, the new Coverpan’ strategy, is our answer to a rising demand of free-plastic packaging.

At Coverpan S.L. we are committed with the environment since 1993. As a matter of fact, we were the first flexible packaging and paper bags Spanish producers, being pioneer in the use of paper as its main component for your packaging solutions.

As part of the company’ strategy, we have developed a wide packaging range that is capable of replacing the traditional plastic packaging that are neither reusable nor recyclable.
The PackInGreen® label is our main approach that proves this commitment for the compostable packaging labeling.

If you found this information useful, you can check our website to have more information about our projects and initiatives as well as the different flexible packages we can offer you at Coverpan S.L.