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Single-dose packaging, latest trends.

Single-dose packages, also known as unit dose packages, are those that offer any type of product in a quantity intended for individual use or consumption.

Single-dose packaging reflects the consumer’s behavior and preference of use, which is a magnificent market penetration strategy. Nowadays, in the dynamics of food markets and industries, it is becoming more and more important, so that packaging, by facilitating its portability, has become an important accessory in our daily lives.

The products where single-dose containers are most commonly used are food (sugar, sauces, spices, instant coffee, baby formula milk), pharmaceuticals and beauty and personal care products.

What types of single-dose packaging are there?

What types of single-dose packaging are there?

Flat pouches with 3 seals

This is an airtight, flat, single-dose packaging with 3 seals. Examples of this type of packaging are powdered medicines, ketchup or individual sanitary wipes. They can also be found in promotions in magazines or newspapers.


Sticks or stick packs are cylindrical-shaped containers and are currently the most commonly used single-dose containers in food, pharmacy, cosmetics or chemical products thanks to their versatile shape, as they can be found in all sizes depending on the product or dose to be packaged.

Tray and lid

Trays with lids are those used in the food industry mainly for liquids and sauces. We can find this packaging in different sizes and shapes, and it is also very transparent to highlight the product inside. For example, we can find from single-dose tubs of oil to individual precooked dishes.

What are the advantages of using single-dose packages?

They guarantee that the product is not manipulated and that it is in perfect condition for consumption. They ensure quality and freshness thanks to their packaging, which favors the shelf life of food, beverages and other products.
They are light and easy to transport, and their opening is simple, consuming the exact amount to be taken.

With single-dose formats, dosage is easy, thus reducing waste.

We can take them anywhere and store them practically anywhere. They are also perfect for marketing and exporting products.