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The importance of sustainable packaging in the food industry

Sustainable packaging is a trend. It has already become a great ally in the competitive differentiation strategy of many companies. In most cases, its ecofriendly characteristic is one of the reasons why the consumer decides to choose one shop over another. The number of establishments with this type of product is increasing, due to the environmental awareness in our country.

The Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries (FIAB) has recently joined the European Green Pact for sustainability. This pact will be included alongside the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), within the European Commission’s strategy in the 2030 Agenda. Up to 30,000 companies will be part of this cross-cutting strategy whose main objectives are the implementation of safe and more sustainable food systems.

Eco-friendly packaging alternatives

The days of the traditional plastic bag are numbered. How many plastic bags have we used every time we go shopping? It is essential to ask ourselves how we can replace these single-use plastic bags with an alternative that does not generate toxic waste in our ecosystem.

Cloth bags

Cloth bags are now available in most supermarkets. Consumers can get one of these reusable, heavy-duty bags for their shopping. The customisable capability of these bags is one of their most outstanding features.

Compostable and biodegradable plastic bags

The implementation of compostable and biodegradable plastic bags has led to a significant reduction in pollution. These bags are mostly found in the fresh produce sections of supermarkets. Thanks to their design composed of plant-based biomass from tubers such as potatoes, cassava, sugar cane or cereals, they are a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Paper bags

Paper bags are the most ecological packaging alternative of our time. They have become the biggest claim for sustainable packaging. The food, bakery and confectionery sectors are the most frequent users. Up to 98% of these shops use paper bags in their business.

Materials such as kraft paper, in all its finishes and shapes, have become indispensable.

Environmental policies have been implemented in Europe for several years now and there are more and more packaging solutions on the market with the aim of caring for the environment.

At Coverpan we work day by day towards this purpose and we make the food sector aware of the importance of acquiring ecological packaging products.