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Sustainable Packaging at IBA 2023 in Munich

World meeting point for the bakery industry

The 25th edition of the IBA fair in Munich has just ended, an event that for five days has brought together bakers, confectioners and the entire ancillary industry related to this industry.

IBA 2023 has once again broken visitor records and has managed to bring together bakery and pastry professionals who have given numerous demonstrations of the new trends in an industry that year after year continues to grow steadily.

The success of compostable packaging in the bakery industry

During the 5 days of the meeting, we had the opportunity to receive the visit of many industry professionals who showed special interest in our sustainable packaging.

In this edition, the heat sealable paper reels for automatic packaging, such as CVBIO for the packaging of bakery and confectionery products, have been especially highlighted. A compostable film with an outer coating of kraft paper that we can manufacture with white paper or brown paper, and we can also customize it thanks to our flexographic printing technology.

At Coverpan, we maintain a firm commitment to innovation and the application of new technologies in our PackInGreen sustainable packaging.

Our goal is to meet the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda and, at the same time, inspire our customers to commit to environmental stewardship while differentiating themselves from their competition.

Trends in bakery and pastry

During these days we were immersed in a world of innovation and discovered a myriad of opportunities that are shaping the future of our industry. From exhibits to enriching conversations with visitors and experts, every moment at the show was an endless source of inspiration.
The innovations that were presented reminded us of the importance of staying ahead of the curve and adapting to a constantly evolving landscape. The new technologies and trends we explored have given us a fresh perspective and inspired us to be more creative and bolder in our daily work.

One of the highlights at IBA 2023 was the digitization of the industry, with a focus on the application of robotics in the production process and the automation of warehousing and logistics operations. A significant development in the industry is the implementation of 3D printers for high bakery, a technology is playing an increasingly important role in improving efficiency and productivity in various sectors.

The digitalization of industry, as evidenced at IBA 2023, is transforming the way products are produced and delivered. Robotics and automation in production, warehousing and logistics are key trends that promise to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies in a constantly evolving market.

More efficient packaging processes

One of the keys to optimizing bakery product manufacturing processes is packaging efficiency. And as part of this innovation, several companies exhibited their latest automatic packaging machines.
At Coverpan we had the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of efficient packaging in collaboration with ULMA PACKAGING, a leading company in the production of packaging machines for the food industry. In this packaging test, a demonstration of how our compostable heat sealable paper is used to pack hamburger bread was carried out.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved, from the organizers to the exhibitors and visitors, for making IBA 2023 an unforgettable event. We look forward to the next meeting and the opportunities it holds.

See you next time!